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Chelsea Will Give Guard Of Honour To Leicester City

Stamford Bridge
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As Chelsea face Premier League Champions Leicester City on Sunday in their last league match of the season, Hiddink has praised their efforts of reaching the top and staying fearless throughout the season.

Hiddink explained that what Leicester has done this season has been a result of their hard work. He appreciated how Leicester did not implode before they won the title.

“They were surprisingly in first position and in the last two months, when everyone was writing about them winning the title, they reacted without fear,” answered Hiddink regarding why he and his team will give Leicester City the guard of honour on Sunday before the match.

However, Chelsea did play a part in helping Leicester City win the Premier League crown by stopping Spurs from getting 3 points at the Stamford bridge. Hiddink will be managing Chelsea for the last time against Leicester and despite all the respect he and his team has for Leicester, they will be looking to perform the same way as they did against Liverpool at Anfield a few days back and securing a win.



  1. Chelsea wont give guard of honour to Leicester City , because if a EPL team win the league before the season ends then they will receive guard of honour in their next match so as for as this season Champion Leicester City already received their guard of honour in their last match itself, So if u dont know anything about football just don’t write it for name sake.
    Just find another job or hobby you are very poor about the football facts………


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