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Why the Chivas-Rangers partnership is one sided

With news coming down that Rangers boss Pedro Caixinha is set to meet with Chivas’ chief executive, rumors have started to swirl about what it could be about.

The famed Mexican club are one of the most well-known clubs in North America, and the world for that matter, and has been built on a controversial policy.

The policy isn’t one that bothers me, but for many idealists it does. It’s a policy of Mexican only players at the club. This is one of the reasons the Chivas USA thing felt weird.

At any rate, this move serves no one a real purpose here. Other than the fact that Rangers would be able to bring in footballers- potentially- from Mexico. This is great for Rangers, but what exactly does it do for Chivas exactly?

Could it amount to much besides a meaningless friendly and a bond? Other than those things, unless Chivas changes its policy, nothing more can come of it.

Even if it goes through, Rangers are tying its hands by doing this. Wouldn’t they want to get linked to a club with a little more diverse policy for bringing in players? Limiting themselves to just Mexicans from one team is a little foolish, and it won’t allow them to partner with another side as well in all likelihood.

This one is a head-scratcher, so we will just have to wait and see what truly comes out of the whole thing.