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Necaxa Caps Off Brilliant Transfer Window with Arrival of Matias Fernandez

Necaxa vs Chivas 2018
Wikimedia: AntoFran

One of the most surprising teams in the initial stages of the Liga MX Apertura 2017 has been Necaxa. Los Rayos were set for failure after the departure of Edson Puch but are defying all odds and are currently fifth in the Liga MX with 12 points.

The team from Aguascalientes showed ambition in this transfer window with the addition of new manager Ignacio Ambriz and with 15 new players along with him. The 15th player to come in was just announced this Monday as former Chilean international Matias Fernandez was officially presented with the club. The Argentine-born Chilean has had an illustrious career and had been a consistent starter with teams like Colo-Colo, Villareal, Sporting CP, Fiorentina and the Chilean national team.

Fernandez, 31, did not receive much playing time with his most recent club AC Milan and did not have a place back at Fiorentina after his loan spell. Fernandez should slide right into the starting 11 and really add to the Necaxa attack that has struggled at times to create scoring opportunities. Fernandez could replace Dieter Villalpando in that starting lineup in an attacking midfielder role where he can showcase his class and creative abilities.

Fernandez will be joining a team that looks to be on its way to making the playoffs in this Apertura 2017 and should be comfortable with four other Chileans to greet him in Aguascalientes. This includes Victor Davila, Luis Gallegos, Igor Lichnovsky and Manuel Iturra. “Matigol” will also be forming an elite contingent of Chileans in the Liga MX that includes players like Nicolas Castillo, Edson Puch, Marcelo Diaz, Enzo, Roco, Francisco Silva and Eduardo Vargas.

Fernandez has the capabilities to really stand out with Los Rayos and can only improve this team that seems to be on the rise in the Liga MX. The team has built a solid squad after leaving the reliance of Edson Puch and having a busy transfer window. Players like Igor Lichnovsky, Miguel Ponce, Carlos Gonzalez, Dieter Villalpando, Martin Barragan and Pablo Velazquez have really made the team more solid from top to bottom and have added to the depth on the team as well.

Los Rayos have been missing a key offensive player and may have just found that with Matias Fernandez. The former Fiorentina midfielder has immense offensive and creative skills that can help Necaxa generate countless scoring opportunities each week. “Matigol” is at another stage in his career but can still regenerate interest from the Chilean national team, who does look at players who succeed in the Liga MX. The signing is a spectacular move for both Necaxa and Fernandez as it can help the Chilean revive his career and help Los Rayos reach the playoffs and make a decent run in the campaign.