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Club America : Oribe Peralta the new ‘Capitan Azulcrema’

America vs Pachuca 2018
Flickr - Sibas Carvajal

Rubens Sambueza is now with Toluca F.C., and is set to make his debut against his former team, Club America this upcoming weekend. The Argentine midfielder had been at Club America since 2012 and had been the stable captain for the club for over a year now. Sambueza did have his pair of antics last season which were not very ‘captain’ like. “Sambu” often lost his temper and earned himself a few red cards throughout the season and his overall career with the team.

Now with Sambueza gone, it is time for Club America to assign a new captain to lead the team forward in this Clausura 2017 of the Liga MX. America did recently announce that striker, Oribe Peralta, will be the man with the arm band this season. ‘El Hermoso’ is a worthy candidate to lead the flock as he has been with the team since 2014.

Peralta always shows true grit in every game and does have the qualities of a leader. While Peralta has had a few incidents on the pitch before, he is nowhere near as problematic as Rubens Sambueza is. Peralta, at 32 is also the eldest player at the club and has had experience wearing the arm band with the Mexico U-23 Olympic squad at the Rio Olympics.

It was also announced that Pablo Aguilar will be the second captain and Paolo Goltz will be the third captain for the ‘aguilas’. The pair of defensemen have had a wealth of experience and are also worthy candidates to lead the flock forward if Peralta is unavailable.
This marks a new era in the career of Oribe Peralta, it will be interesting to see how he will do this season as ‘El Capitan Azulcrema’.