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3 Transfers Liverpool must make to reach the Champions League next season


So close, yet so far. This is a damning indictment that brilliantly summarizes the 2015/16 season of Liverpool FC. Even after the Reds finished at a humbling 8th spot in the League, Liverpool fans were still confident that the club could make amends in the Europa League final.

However, thanks to a morale derailing defeat at the hands of Sevilla, Liverpool are now forced to watch the European competitions from the sideline next season.

And as suggested by their pursuit of Mario Gotze, which has now turned cold following the statements of the German, lack of European football will make it all the more difficult for Liverpool to lure world-class talent.

However, ask Liverpool owners and they might tell you they would have seen it coming. The Reds started the season in a disastrous way, and despite their surge in form under Klopp, Liverpool owners and fans already knew that next season would be the real deal for them and Klopp.

Thus, with Jurgen Klopp now fully settled at Anfield, the Liverpool faithful are looking towards the German in a hope that he will bring some talented players on board in this summer.

Here are 3 transfer moves Liverpool must make to qualify for the Champions League next season …

1. Get a left-back

As suggested by the horrendous mistake by Alberto Moreno in the Europa League Final, which paved the way for a Sevilla comeback, the Reds need new players to put more pressure on the Spaniard.

They have been already linked with the likes of Ben Chilwell and Jurgen Klopp would be hoping to complete this deal before the pre-season kicks off.

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  1. Yeah, as mentioned by Robert, above, we’ve got Joe Gomez coming back in the next few weeks or months and, if you remember, he was superb last year until injured. His reading of the game and positional sense were superb for somebody so young so let’s not write him out of the equation. He could save us many tens of millions and when I read that we are being offered Barcelona’s reserve full-back for many tens of millions I can’t quite get my head around that level of utter stupidity!
    If you’ve got £30m or £40m you spend it on somebody creative, somebody special, and not on Barcelona’s reserve full-back, for heaven’s sake.
    I’d spend that money on a potential star, not a full-back! When I was at school, and teams were being picked, the last players chosen – normally me – played at full-back. Strikers, creative midfielders, top-notch centre backs and possibly wingers are worth that sort of money but when you’ve got a limited budget and you need oodles of new players you don’t spend half of the kitty you’ve got on a blooming full-back. You can leave a dustbin on the pitch to play full-back sometimes! Many people would say LFC already do that . . .
    Hector, for about £12m would be a good purchase! Seen him play for Cologne and he’s a good player.

  2. Left Back: Raphael Guerreiro, Jonas Hector or Joe Gomez.
    Centre Back: Matip, maybe Sule (Hoffenheim), but he looks too slowly for me.
    Defensive Midfelder: I like Xhaka, but he goes to Arsenal.
    Winger: not Brahimi !!!! (too expensive), Gotze is bench player, Ante Coric is too young. I like Griezmann, Mkhitaryan, but without CHL football they are maybe impossible. What about Ignacio Camacho.
    Cabaye would be good signing too.
    I think, a great striker is inevitable, player which scores 15-20 goals every season.

  3. LB, yes, CB, yes, winger, yes, but what about a defensive midfielder as we haven’t had a decent one since Alonso left! And with Sturridge at risk of an injury every time he puts a foot on to grass he can’t be relied upon.
    We’ve got a new keeper – thank God! – but a dominating CB must be our top priority as every good team gets the defence right first and then improves the spine of the team from there. Just a point to consider . . . when do we make a decision on Coutinho who has been a ‘prospect’ for quite a few years now but without ever making the next step up? A couple of shots per game, and a good twenty-yard goal here and there, doesn’t take away from my doubts about the number of defence-splitting passes he doesn’t do! Good player but he isn’t the creative player I hoped he’d be . . . so far. How long can a player be a ‘prospect’? Don’t get me wrong, I love watching him but, so far, he’s one of those players who I think MIGHT not fulfill his potential. What a shame that would be . . .
    On the winger issue, this Brahimi seems to be a target at £46m or thereabouts, but after scoring ten and making ten in 48 games in a relatively iffy league he’s not exactly pulling the trees up, is he? Lot of money for somebody with relatively poor figures, if you ask me.
    Mind you, never heard of him so can’t really comment. Wouldn’t it be nice for LFC to, just occasionally, try to sign somebody I’d actually heard of?


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