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Ferguson Thinks Manchester United Missed Out On Extra £70 Million From Transfer

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Quite a stir had been created when Real Madrid decided to splash a whopping then-world record £80 million to secure the signature of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United in 2009. Although, regarded as the one of the best footballers, many felt that at the time that Real had made a huge aberration in paying such an astronomical amount for a single player.

Five years on from the headline grabbing transfer though, Ronaldo seems to have more than justified his hefty price tag by scoring a quite remarkable 238 goals in 233 appearances for the Los Blancos.

However, despite receiving a record-breaking fee for Ronaldo, Sir Alex Ferguson still believes that Manchester United could have received almost double the amount for his prized asset and revealed that he initially wanted to set an asking price of around £150 million.

The legendary United boss said that he was disappointed to lose Ronaldo for ‘only’ £80 million and added he is convinced that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez would have agreed to pay more to land the services of Ronaldo, especially after seeing Madrid pay a whopping £85 million to sign Gareth Bale in the summer.

Speaking to Spanish publication AS, Ferguson said, “I told David Gill (former Man Utd Chief Executive) to ask for £150 million. Perez would have paid.

“The only thing that hurt me, and I said this repeatedly to David Gill, was that we didn’t demand enough. I told David, ‘Ask for £150m.’ ‘Don’t be silly,’ he said. ‘They’ll never pay that.’

‘What if?’ I still keep asking myself what Senor Perez would have said if we had asked for £150m. Considering they signed Gareth Bale for £85 million, I believe they would have agreed to pay between £80 and £150 million.

“That is the only disappointing aspect. If we had got £150 million, I would have kept talking about it for the rest of my life, because it would have been fabulous to receive that amount of money, not just from Real Madrid but from any football club. Nevertheless, Cristiano left with my blessing and we received a fair amount.”

What Do You Think? Did Manchester United receive the right amount for Cristiano Ronaldo OR Did Real Madrid land a bargain by signing the Portuguese superstar for £ 80million?



  1. Under his watch, Sir Alex saw the Man U squad deteriorate into a comical group of idiots that would struggle to find a spot on the England women’s football team and to exacerbate the issue, he imposed his unfocused will on the club by intimidating the spineless Ed Woodward into choosing an unproven, mid-table manager with no credentials to take over managing the team. Thanks to Sir Alex and the Glazer family, in our lifetime Man U will not challenge Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea, Madrid and Man City. And now Sir Alex thinks he has any credibility left in the football world? He has been found out to be an irrelevant clown who should shut his mouth. Just a few days ago he found out that the Oscars were a film event in Hollywood and not a player on the Chelsea team – what a bozo.

  2. Fergies mistakes are coming home to roost his biggest is the scots pillock he left as a manager Fergie was a great manager but I think he lost the plot over the last few seasons after we got our noisy neighbours now they have the Moyesy neighbours

  3. Also don’t forget he (Alex) then chose a useless, dumb manager in David Moyes. Ahead of the ‘Special one’ Just because he was a (Scot). What nonsense. . . And speaking from LA sausage nose still backs David Moyes to turn it around.
    Oh you’ll be stubborn to your grave

  4. As if that was not enough, OAP’s stubborn stance of not buying a world class play maker and asking Rooney to become (midfielder) nearly let our best player leave for Chelsea, this after already driving Paul Pogba out of the club to join Juventus on free.
    Fine Ferguson did a great job for our beloved club and i thank him for it. But their’s no doubt that his stubborness and disagreements with team members for example (Pogba) in recent years, have slided United behind Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and even Everton this season.
    Not forgetting his stubborn approach and fall out with the former owners off Old Trafford which led to the club finding new ownership in the face of the Glazers!

  5. Stubborn OAP also let go a perfectly fine, hard working Carlos Tevez by pushing him out to make room for lazy Berbaflop. OAP left a ordinary team in compared to the 2008 CL winning side in which we had Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Scholes, Vidic, and OwenHargreaves!

  6. And since selling (Ronaldo), minus Rvp, Sir Alex only bought cheap plan B players.
    Most recently Ferguson wanted Hazard, but ended up with Kagawa, he wanted Lucas Moura but ended up with Buttner!

  7. I doubt many Man Utd fans give a TOSS about the £70 million more Fergie believe’s he could have got out of Real, for Ronaldo. After all that extra £70m would have only ended up where the official £80m fee did? The Glazers pocket!
    We were promised a fitted replacement as (Ronaldo) but ended up with Valencia & Young!


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