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Ferguson’s Right-Hand Man Issues A Warning To Moyes’ Manchester United

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It is no secret that Manchester United have been enduring a horrendous season so far (e.g. United’s 0-2 loss to Olympiakos). The Champions of England have virtually no chance of defending their title during the current campaign, while even qualifying for the Champions League looks an improbable task, with David Moyes’ side currently 11 points off of Liverpool in fourth place.

There has been a lot of the talk that United will undergo wholesale changes to the squad next season, with Moyes reportedly being handed a whopping transfer war-chest of around £200 million and as a result, a host of big names have been linked with a move to Old Trafford.

However, despite the financial backing from the board, former Manchester United assistant manager, Mike Phelan, has cast reservations of whether David Moyes can land his primary targets if the club go on to miss out on Champions League football.

The 51-year-old said that although the stature of United means that the club could still attract players, the prospect of missing out on Champions League football for the first time in 17 years could prove to be detrimental in the Red Devils’ hopes of acquiring the very best players next season, and it could also create a situation where Moyes may be forced to compromise.

Phelan said, “It might turn into a situation where David Moyes has two shopping lists. He’ll have one for being in Europe and one for not.

“Playing in the Champions League is always an issue. You’re always going to be in competition with other football clubs for big players, whether you’re in Europe or not.”

Despite their struggles, United were able to acquire the services of Juan Mata in the January transfer window for a club record fee of £37 million, but the Red Devils could certainly face a fight in attracting their primary targets if they miss out on Europe’s elite competition next season.

What do you think? Is Phelan right in saying that United will struggle to attract top players to the club next season if they do not qualify for the Champions League, OR Do the Red Devils still posses that aura about them aided by financial backing, to secure their primary targets?



  1. When your strongest assets are your front four why would you opt to play defensively. That invites the opposition to put pressure on your defence and keeps your front four frustrated.
    A teams tactics should be based on your teams strengths, if you are lucky enough to have a strong team in all departments then the manager is able to choose the tactics accordingly and change tactics as a game progresses.
    Until Moyes has all the players he wants he should demonstrate more courage in attack and release his front four.

  2. Give him him a while to fit him, if he gets worse then maybe considor sacking him. You younger man u fans no nothing from Fergusons history, when he joined he lost alot of games, until he finally got it right.

  3. At first i thought Moyes would come good but every passing game he proves that he cant take Man U anywhere except sinking it. I feel sorry for the fans who have to endure the misery!

  4. You Man Utd fans are so fickle. When Ferguson first joined your club and wasn’t winning trophies you wanted him out now you want Moyes out .

  5. If players can be substuted what,s so special about Moyes? We are not happy with his poor outcome every game. I wish he was a player with injury. I shoul have wished him not to recover now until the season is over.

  6. Mr. Glazer, please do the needy thing, get rid of Moyes and his assistants. Moyes is overrated and under performed. Now, he has hurts the fans badly with his so called judgement. He is definitely not the one for Man Utd, no matter what SAF have to say. Trust your fans as they are managers of certain corporations too

  7. Moyes has shown that the boots left by sir are too big for him, time for change please lets not even wait for the season to finish.

  8. Not only is Man U rapidly loosing its aura, but it is very clear that David Moyes is a child sent to do a man’s job and simply not up to the task.
    World-class players may wish to play at Man United but they will not want to play for Moyes.


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