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Michael Owen Nervous Moyes Will Sink Manchester United’s Champions League Chances

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This 2013-2014 Premier League season has been surrounded by an incredible fight for the top of the standings between Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City. For the first time in years, that list does not include the reigning champions Manchester United, where fans and media have pointed all blame against David Moyes.

The Red Devils’ disastrous EPL campaign has been slightly alleviated by their fair results in the Champions League which have them in the Round-of-16. With the European competition set to commence once again this week, many questions have been raised as to how well Moyes’ United will perform next February 25 against Greece’s Olympiakos.

On paper, in talent, and guided by history, Manchester United enters the game as clear favorites to win both home-and-way legs. However, due to their disappointing season. many have raised their doubts on United’s winning chances against Olympiakos.

The ex-Manchester United star, Michael Owen, mentioned on Twitter, that in a normal circumstance the Red Devils should have no problem at defeating a rival in the Champions League like the Thrylos. Nonetheless, he expresses his disbelief at Moyes’ campaign by saying that under this management, there are no easy games.

Although Owen still feels that Manchester United will get past Olympiakos, his comment represents a bigger concern around the Manchester United world in which all is questioned when analyzing United under Moyes. It will be crucial to see how the Red Devils play in the Champions League, because while the EPL is a lost cause, success in this competition could alleviate the harsh feelings towards the manager.

Manchester United will play the Greek team next February 25 and then again on March 19.



  1. As they have just come of a “warm weather” break and play against Crystal Palace on the weekend, a well rested Man U should beat Olympiacos on the 25th.
    However, Moyes has been unbelievably inventive in terms of finding ways to loose even the easy games so only an idiot will bet on Man U matches this season.
    I just hope Moyes doesn’t go on and on about how great his under-talented and injury-prone UK players are.
    Moyes, please shut up as no-one is listening to this nonsense.
    One can always dream that in the summer Moyes will be replaced with Lucien Favre so that Man U can begin the mammoth job of rebuilding their pathetic squad.

  2. I like Owen’s openeness and frank approach. The honeymoon is over for Moyes, poor performance equals dismissal. No more ‘time is needed’ comments by Man U and board. Those comments befit a club that is expecting poor EPL results, kicked out of FA and Carling Cups and CL a near impossibility – and excluding that expectations from fans globally. I don’t believe that is the United way………….or is it ?


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