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SHOCKING Mourinho Slams Wenger – Chelsea & Arsenal War of Words

Wikimedia - Tsutomu Takasu

Jose Mourinho is set to reignite the war of words with old foe Arsene Wenger, after sensationally labeling the Arsenal manager as a ‘Specialist in Failure’, in response to the Frenchman’s comments earlier in the day that Mourinho is ‘afraid to fail’.

Addressing reporters ahead of his side’s FA Cup clash against Manchester City, Mourinho gave off a stern look, while ripping into Wenger and mocking the 64-year old’s eight-year spell without winning any silverware for Arsenal.

Mourinho has had some choice words to say about Wenger in the past, calling the Frenchman a ‘Voyeur’ while also criticizing him for his preference of French players over homegrown talent. However, Mourinho’s latest attack on Wenger is certainly a ferocious one and some might feel that the Portuguese manager may have overstepped the mark by making such comments.

Admittedly, Wenger has had a barren spell in the last couple of years, but to publicly lambast such a respectful figure, who has done so much for the English game, is certainly harsh.

It just might be another one of Mourinho’s ingenious mind games intended to unsettle Arsenal in hopes of tilting the title race in Chelsea’s favour. However, on the other hand, the comments may also have a detrimental effect on the Blues by spurring the wounded Arsenal side to gun down Chelsea.

Although we all love Jose for his brilliant press conferences, which makes for compelling viewing for the fans, the Portuguese manager could do without humiliating his peers.

What do you think? Was Mourinho’s attack on Wenger an ingenious tactic or did he overstep the mark?