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Have Tottenham Made a Big Mistake This January Transfer Window?

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Tottenham have spent millions of pounds in transfers over the last few years. But they were one of of few Premier League clubs not to bring any new faces this January, and that could prove to be a wise decision by the London club.

Signing many new players in just a few weeks is not always a recipe for success. Especially in January, when clubs have little time to do deals, there is a smaller pool of available players and usually in higher prices than in the summer.

There are exceptions to this rule of course. Clubs like Liverpool have signed some of their best current players in January transfer windows, like Luis Suarez and Sturridge. But usually, if you are in a hurry to sign players in the first month of the calendar year, there is a higher probability that you will end up with an Andy Carroll rather than a Sturridge!

Summer repercussions

Back at Spurs, the White Hart Lane club are still feeling the repercussions of last summer’s transfer activity. By selling Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for $132 million they were suddenly full of cash. But along with it came the pressure to spend, replace their best player and satisfy the fans.

So Tottenham signed a host of players with good – or even great- reputation, but no experience in Premier League football. Nobody can deny that people like Erik Lamela, Christian Eriksen, Vlad Chiriches, Etienne Capoue, Roberto Soldado, Nacer Chadli and Paulinho are good players. Some of them can well prove to be successful in England. It was unwise though to expect all of them to adapt simultaneously to a new league/country in the space of few months. But Spurs relied on them to keep the club in the battle for Champions League places, and it has proven to be very difficult so far.

This January, Tottenham remained quiet in the market and even allowed players to move, like Jermain Defoe and Lewis Holtby. Club chairman Daniel Levy reportedly made funds available to Tim Sherwood for January signings, but the manager probably realized that a transfer merry-go-round every six months is not always the way to go. Now the club have to put their trust in the players that cost them tens of millions not so long ago, and let Tim Sherwood work to turn them to a team capable of reaching the Champions League.


  1. I agree left back and why didn’t we buy a striker Sherwood u are in over your head we have gone back not forward if levy offers fund for transfers and you think your team is good enough for top four with out spending then I think u should go back to wonderland and get someadvice from Alice

  2. c’mon play 4-5-1 defend as a solid unit then break attack 2-4-4 as a unit flanks channels speed efforts wasted woeful goal ratio goals glory! top four or 8th hate thursday / sunday europa cup adebayor 31. unreliable soldado firing blanks harry kane worse! wanted striker domenico berardi need 3. class strikers in the summer and van gaal or jurgen klinsmann.

  3. I had difficulties working out ABVs tactics sometimes, but these last few teams put out by Sherwood have baffled me even more, why did we drop 442 against MC at home, we as good as told them we were frightened of them, I applauded the return of Vertongen by why did he drop Chiriches, he been our best CB all season, is he frightened to drop Dawson because he’s club captain, he might have lilywhite blood running through his veins, but he is to slow for the top half of the premier league, and if that’s where we want to be, (and I wonder sometimes) then Dawson has to be backup, not first choice. Sherwood seems to believe that he must try to be different to make people accept him, but all he needs to do is get it right!!!

  4. Yu talk such rubbish utter rubbish later on in the season when a adebayor. Gets injured soldado firing blanks and our out of his depth manager says a point against hull is good we are in big trouble champions league no chance a spurs supporter for fifty years

  5. They should have tried to get rid of all of their mediocre players like Sigurdsson, Chadli, Paulinho, Rose, Naughton. Holtby should never have been loaned out. Tom Carroll should have been recalled because he is good enough for the first team. Needed to bring in a proper left back.


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