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Southampton wants former €20m Arsenal Striker

Carlos Vela
Wikimedia/Aileen Carreno

24 year old Mexican striker from Real Sociedad, Carlos Vela, has gained the interest of Premier League side Southampton, according to reports from ‘The Sun’ and ‘Marca’. Mauricio Pochettino would be interested in bringing  in Vela in order to reinforce Southampton’s attack, given that Pablo Daniel Osvaldo had not brought in the results that were expected of him.

According to ‘The Sun’, Southampton are willing to make a large offer for the Real Sociedad striker who’s had a fantastic season in La Liga. Carlos Vela has scored eight goals through 16 La Liga matches, and has been an important part of Real Sociedad’s good run. The Mexican striker has proven to be able to play well as a lone forward, and on the wings, given that he possesses the ability to score, control the ball, and bring other players into play.

Furthermore, Vela is solely focused on his club, as he has rejected dozens of opportunities to play for the Mexican National Team. Vela has stated that he is only interested in becoming a better player in La Liga, and believes playing for the Mexican National Team would only hamper his growth.

Given that Southampton find themselves in 9th place with 24 points, they still have a very good chance of earning a spot for the Europa League. The addition of Carlos Vela would certainly help the ‘Saints’ reach that goal. However, Vela won’t come cheap, as he is a highly regarded player in La Liga and the EPL.




  1. One thing ….he surely make la real a much better..team…vela..is like messi..is to Barca! He is know as…the messi..of middle table in Spain!

  2. There is such a difference between the top 3 teams in the la liga, and the other 17, so 1 goal every two games (which is 19 goals a season) isn’t that bad. Plus why should saints pay £30 million for someone who is unproven in Europe.

  3. I don’t think that a 1 in 2 game strike rate is great considering the league he is coming from, the defences outside the top 3 are comical and that’s why you get players like Messi and Ronaldo scoring 50 a season. These might be special players but they wouldn’t get those figures in the prem more like about 30. Osvaldo is crap but I’d rather spend a bit more for Brasil’s Damiao who is a beast and looks very British in the way he plays


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