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America vs Chivas Super Clasico 2-0 Highlights – October 5, 2013

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The 215th edition of the America vs Chivas Mexican Super Clasico ended in a 2-0 victory for the red-hot Club America in front of a packed Estadio Azteca. With the win, Club America moves up to 31 points, remains in first place, and is now officially in the playoffs, with five games still left to play. Meanwhile, this defeat for Chivas marks yet another disappointment in what has been a horrendous season for Vergara’s team; Chivas is out of playoff contention after having earned just 8 points this season.

The first half was pretty intense, both teams looked ready to get the win, and fielded offensive sides, clearly looking to score. Nonetheless, a certain balance was achieved, meaning that few scoring opportunities took place, leaving the game wide open going into the second half.

It wasn’t until the 69th minute that Raul Jimenez was able to open up the score off a header inside the box, connected from a Sambueza cross. Just three minutes later, Luis Rey scored the final goal of the game for Club America. The play resulted from a counterattack, and a great pass from Raul Jimenez, who finished off a great game with a goal and an assist.

For the last twenty minutes of the match, Chivas went on an all-out attack, creating several scoring opportunities, even hitting the crossbar on one shot. However, it was all for naught, as Chivas was unable to score and ultimately succumbed to its hated rival.

Chivas has nothing left to play for this season, all they must do is wait for the December break and see what changes Vergara will make in the team. Club America and coach Miguel Herrera are set to finish off the season with a record amount of points, and are the leading candidates to win the title, and achieve the rare feat of the bicampeonato.



  1. Les comparto mi poema, inspirado en la gloria de . . .


    “Un Club de prosapia . . . vuela en nuestra patria”

    El Aguila del América
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    ¡que inteligente animal!

    Jamás devora serpiente,
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    Vuela poderosa,
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    perspicaz destello
    de su agudo sello.

    Futbol: recipiente,
    todo el Continente,
    de azul y amarillo
    del oro su brillo.

    Con garras se aferra
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    En su estadio nido,
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    Siempre obtiene presa,
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    sus alas de red
    de gol tienen sed.

    Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
    México, Distrito Federal.
    Reg. SEP INDAUTOR No. 03-2011-041513462700-01


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