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America vs Chivas 2013 – El Super Clasico by the Numbers

America vs Chivas

America vs Chivas, El Super Clasico, the biggest rivalry in Mexico, has been played a total of 214 times, Saturday, October 5, 2013, will mark the 215th edition of this contest. America has won 76 times, Chivas 71, and they tied 67 games. That’s a lot of games, played over a very long time in several tournaments, cups, leagues, and exhibition matches.

If we narrow the results down to the last 10 official matches, we get a closer understanding of who has had the edge in the recent history of the Super Clasico. There have been 10 Liga MX matches played between Chivas and America since the Apertura 2008, all have been regular season games. Club America won 3 of those matches, Chivas 6, and only 1 draw.

The last time these two teams faced each other in a regular season match (Clausura 2013), America came out with a 2-0 victory at the Estadio Omnilife. Last season, Chivas was much better than the sorry team we have seen so far this season; America was near the stop of the standings.

This season, the difference between the two teams is the largest it has ever been in the short tournament history of the Liga MX. America has 20 more points than Chivas, which has only earned 8 points this season. America is in first place, is headed to the playoffs, and is a strong candidate to once again win the title. Chivas is eliminated from the playoffs and the Copa MX, all it has left to fight for this season is the Super Clasico.

America and Chivas are complete opposites this season. America has scored 24 goals and allowed just 8, Chivas has scored 12 and allowed 20. All signs point towards a Club America victory at the Estadio Azteca this Saturday, October 5th; Americanistas are even predicting a massive goleada. Nonetheless, don’t discount Chivas, they have nothing to play for other than the Super Clasico, this is their only chance to somewhat redeem themselves to their fan-base.

Their recent form suggests that the America vs Chivas Apertura 2013 Super Clasico will be a blowout, but the overall history of this rivalry points towards a tight encounter, we shall have to wait until Saturday to see how the 215th edition of the Super Clasico ends.