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Panama vs Martinique Gold Cup 2013 Preview, Prediction and TV Schedule

Panama vs Martinique Gold Cup 2013
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The Panama vs Martinique Gold Cup game will be played on Thursday, July 11, 2013 (5:30 PM Pacific) at the CenturyLink Field in Seattle.  Both teams won their first match and are in a great position to qualify into the quarterfinals were they to obtain at least a point.  After defeating Mexico 2-1, Panama is now considered the favorite to win Group A, and they go into Seattle as the favorite to defeat Martinique.  Meanwhile, the Caribbean team will look to make another surprise comparable to their last second 1-0 win against Canada last Sunday.

The ‘red tide’ began their run in the Gold Cup with a historic win against Mexico which surprised the CONCACAF.  With a semi-alternate squad, Panama played a good tactical match in which they defended with 4 defenders and 3 of their midfielders allowing for a counter-attacking system.  On Thursday, they will face a much less feared team like Martinique who is not as powerful on offense.  This will allow the team coached by Julio Dely Valdes to play fluidly, and to concentrate more on the upper-field rather than on defense.

Martinique won their first match against Canada by playing offensively throughout the 90 minutes.  This is a team with a lot of speed and play-makers, but who also lags defensive talent.  In order to defeat Panama, or at least obtain a tie which will give them their pass into the next round, Martinique will have to exploit its offense once again as that is their biggest weapon.  This is a team that is required to earn a point on Thursday as their final match in the group is against Mexico, and it will be hard to imagine for the ‘tricolor’ to lose another match in the group.

Panama vs Martinique Prediction

The Panama vs Martinique match will be an interesting match between two teams that will play offensively.  Both the ‘marea roja’ and the Caribbean side are comparable on offense, therefore the better defense will make the difference.  Although Martinique earned a clean sheet against the under-talented Canadian forwards in the Rose Bowl, Panama was able to block Mexico for most of the 90 minutes.

The Panama vs Martinique match will be a close encounter; Panama will win 3-1.

Panama vs Martinique Television

The Panama vs Martinique match will be televised on Fox Soccer Channel and Unimas on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM Pacific.