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Iraq vs Uruguay U-20 World Cup – Preview, Where to Watch

Iraq vs Uruguay July 10, 2013
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The semifinals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup are now underway and the Cinderella match, Iraq vs Uruguay, will take place this Wednesday, July 10, 2013 (11:00 AM PST) in Trabzon. To most people it has been very surprising and exciting to see the Iraqis get this far in the tournament. Their efforts and marginal victories have given their country something to be excited about and Wednesday’s game could lead this team into greater harmony. This Cinderella story will have to face a tough test when they play Uruguay who enters the game as the favorite after some impressive defense performances throughout the whole tournament.

Iraq will need to improve their defensive efforts in order to continue to shock the world in this competition. Unlike Uruguay, Iraq has had a tough time keeping the ball out of the back net. Against Korea Republic the Iraqis looked very impressive on offense, putting up 3 goals and giving their team the advantage 3 different times. But their defensive slip ups allowed the Koreans to tie the game up all 3 times until eventually they were defeated from the penalty spot. Despite the defense being their weak spot, Iraq has a very promising young player in Ali Adnan. This defender has been a huge spark for the Iraqis; not only does he defend well, but he also helps the attacking force of this team.

Uruguay on the other hand has only allowed 2 goals and their defense has been really impressive; last game they were able to shut down Spain and win in extra time by a marginal victory of 1-0. Uruguay will look to take the upper hand on Iraq so that they can depend on their strong defense to frustrate Iraq and get their ticket punched to the finals. Nicolas Lopez will be a big part of Uruguay’s attacking force and he will need to have a big game in order for Uruguay to be in the drivers seat from early in the get go. Lopez has been a star thus far in this tournament and he will need to continue impressing in order for Uruguay to seal these last 2 games and help Uruguay claim the title.

Iraq vs Uruguay Prediction

Despite being the favorite, I believe Uruguay will not be able to end the glory of this Iraqi team. I expect this to be an exciting match the goes the distance but at the end I believe the Iraq vs Uruguay will end in a 2-2 draw. After getting a taste from the penalty box last week against Korea I believe that the Iraqis will be the ones to win the game in penalties and make their way to the finals. This Cinderella story will continue to inspire a country who has been very supportive of these young boys that are doing a fantastic job.

Iraq vs Uruguay Television

The Iraq vs Uruguay match will be televised on ESPNU and Univision Deportes this Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 11:00 AM Pacific.