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Mexico vs Brazil 0-2 Analysis and Highlights – El Tri blinded by Neymar

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The Mexico vs Brazil Confederations Cup match, held at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza ended in a 2-0 victory for the locals.  With the 3 points, Brazil is very close into qualifying to the tournament’s semifinal, and that could be decided in the Italy vs Japan match.  With the loss, Mexico needs Japan to defeat Italy, otherwise, the defeat against the ‘verde-amarelha- will end Mexico’s disastrous tournament.

The first 20 minutes of the Mexico vs Brazil match were clearly dominated by Brazil, who attacked down the left and right flanks with Neymar and Hulk.  In those minutes, Mexico seemed nervous, as if trying to understand the the new tactical system coach Jose Manuel De La Torre used for the game.  In the 9th minute, Brazil became too much to handle, and after a cross deflected by ‘Maza’ Rodriguez, Neymar hit the ball in a great volley which ended in the back of the net.

After the 30th minute, Mexico began to play more intelligently, but as has been the case in this 2013, they could not create clear scoring opportunities.  The second half was lightly played by both sides, with Mexico using various substitutions to attempt and score the tying goal.  When Pablo Barrera entered the game, Mexico began to create dangerous centers on the right side which were also one of the best plays shown thus far by ‘el tri’ in the Confederations.

Unfortunately for ‘Chepo’s’ team, and to the annoyance of Mexico’s fans, Neymar created an extraordinary play in the 92th minute which lead to a goal by Jo.  With that goal, Brazil is in great position to access the next round, while Mexico is lost, distraught, and without clear vision of the future.

Mexico’s consecutive losses against Brazil and Italy, are the first back-to-back losses by the ‘tricolor’ since South Africa 2010.  Nonetheless, this defeat may mean Chepo De La Torre is on his way out; not because of the lack of points, but rather, because of the lack of attitude, and concentration on the field.

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