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Turco Mohamed will leave Xolos


On the morning of May 15, 2013, one day after having achieved the historic 2-1 victory over Palmeiras in the Copa Libertadores, Turco Mohamed announced that he will leave Xolos at the conclusion of the Copa Libertadores.

This move did not surprise the Xolos faithful, as there were rumors from early in the season that the Clausura 2013 would be Mohamed’s last as head coach. The reason for Mohamed leaving are that he has been away from his family, which resides in Argentina, for 2 years. Furthermore, the Argentinian media reports that El Turco is set to be the next head coach of Huracan, a team that holds a special place in Mohamed’s heart.

As a Xolos follower, I have nothing but respect for this man, who brought so much joy to a city that before him would only be talked about in the national media for its crime rate. Now, Tijuana, thanks in part to Turco Mohamed, is also known for great soccer, a fantastic fan-base, and winning.

Thank you Turco!

ESPN Deportes has stated that Ruso Brailovsky will be the next head coach for Tijuana. Xolos ownership has made no official announcement to deny or substantiate the claim. An interesting choice if he is indeed the head coach… a story for another time.

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These are El Turco Mohamed’s achievements as head coach of Xolos:

  1. Apertura 2011, came in half way through the season and got Xolos out of a losing spiral
  2. Clausura 2012, ends season in 7th place, loses in the Liguilla quarterfinals, staves off relegation
  3. Apertura 2013, wins Liga MX championship, qualifies to Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League
  4. Clausura 2013, Copa Libertadores quarterfinals (hopefully it ends with a title)