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Leon vs Iquique 1-1 Highlights Copa Libertadores

The first leg of the Leon vs Iquique Copa Libertadores 2013 preliminary round series was a bit of a disappointment for Leon. After a very early defensive error in the first half, Leon gave up a goal, but never gave up. Leon proceed to dominate the entire match, having several attacking opportunities and missing all of them, until they finally scored in the 87th minute. Iquique played its part, they scored and defended with 11 men, and ended up getting the valuable away tie.

Leon must travel to Chile next week and either defeat Iquique by any score; draw 2-2, or any other draw where they score more than two goals; or draw 1-1 and win in OT or penalties. A 0-0 draw or loss eliminates Leon.

Enjoy the Leon 1-1 Iquique highlights:

[youtube TkrLDu8jv5k]

[youtube waGtJ9uzX3U]