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Chivas fire Cruyff – Vergara ends the Dutch experiment

san luis vs chivas
Source: Flickr - Esparta

Vergara decided that the Dutch experiment in Chivas should end, and chose to release the news as the Liga MX final match between Toluca and Xolos was starting (Vergara can’t stand to not have the media talk about his team). After just 6 months, the Dutch experiment in Mexico’s most popular team ends with Cruyff getting fired. Who would have thought, right?

Well, ok, we all saw it coming from day one. Taking into account Vergara’s previous history of replacing head coaches, executives, players, assistant coaches, water boys, etc. at will for seemingly little reason, it’s really not hard to believe. In fact, it was really expected. Now Chivas Vergara, must choose where his team is headed to.

Apparently, it is under the helm of Van’t Schip, who has not been fired yet. Frankly, Van’t Schip did a decent job with Chivas, taking a team from pathetic to mediocre in just a single season. Chivas got to the playoffs and lost to Toluca, the eventual Liga MX runner up. I guess this wasn’t good enough, nor fast enough for Vergara, who fired Cruyff, even though the Dutch experiment was supposed to be a long-term, structural change of the team.

I foresee three possible scenarios in Van’t Schip’s future: quitting (which is what I think he should do), getting fired sometime in the next three weeks, or getting fired around Week 4-6 of the Clausura 2013. Not a bright future- it never is for whoever is brave enough to work for Vergara.

Vergara rules his team with an iron fist, as misguided, misinformed, random, and ineffective as that fist may be. What Vergara’s next “project” for Chivas will be, only he knows. What I do know, is that the Chivas faithful have a bleak future ahead of them, as long as Vergara, the Liga MX’s worst owner, continues to run their team to the ground.

Maybe someone from Xolos should give a little talk to Vergara, and tell him how a soccer team is supposed  to be run. Xolos, now that’s a club that knows how to pick a successful plan and stick to it!