12 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet- 2021 [Updated] Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wide Soccer Cleats for Kids 2021
Best Wide Soccer Cleats for Kids and Adults 2021

If you love soccer but are struggling to find the best wide soccer cleats for youth and adults, then this guide is exactly what you need. I have updated to include the best 2021 wide feet cleats.

I’ve gone ahead and done extensive research on the best soccer shoes for wide feet for 2021, choosing the top 12 men’s and kid’s cleats based on price, quality, durability, brand, and, of course, how well they fit soccer players that have wide feet.

I have only listed soccer cleats for wide feet that are highly rated, and have online reviews that specifically mention how good they are for wide feet.

Let’s get started.

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Table of Contents

Things to review when buying wide soccer cleats


The top brands are constantly using the best technologies to make the best possible pair of cleats. Nike, Adidas, and Puma are definitely considered the leading brands in the soccer shoe industry. You can be guaranteed a good experience when buying soccer cleats from any of these top three brands.

Other brands, such as Asics, Diadora, Joma, Lotto, Mizuno, New Balance, and Umbro are also respected and do have their loyal set of fans. These “second tier” brands are perfect for newer players or someone who is looking to spend less on wide soccer cleats. Nothing wrong with these, you just won’t see many professional players wearing these (i.e. being paid to wear them).


The prices of wide soccer cleats can range from $20 to $200.

You are generally going to get good value for money for the cleats that you buy (definitely a product where you “get what you pay for“). By investing in one that is higher priced, you will likely get a better quality soccer shoe, which will give you more comfort on the field. You are also likely to get a product which will last longer and not cause you blisters. It is suggested that you invest in a pair of cleats that is higher in price to get a better experience.

Cheaper wide cleats (under $100) should mainly be bought for players who are still growing or for anyone who plays soccer as a hobby.

Really important, never make the mistake of buying a size bigger for youth players, thinking that they can grow into them. This will only result in blisters and other painful issues, wide soccer cleats must be snug, yet not too tight. If budget is an issue, simply buy an appropriately sized cheaper soccer shoe. Better to have a cheaper, well-fitting shoe, than expensive, ill-fitting wide soccer cleats.

Higher quality wide cleats (over $100) are perfect for serious players who need the finesse, durability and top quality feel that shoes in this price range provide. If budget is not an issue, shoes in this price range are perfect for growing players. If you are a soccer hobbyist that plays a lot of soccer, it is still worth to invest in higher priced shoes, simply due to the durability, you’ll save money on the long run buying one nice pair of wide soccer shoes instead of several cheaper pairs.


Wide soccer cleats are usually made from 100% leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of leather and synthetic.

100% leather will always be the higher priced shoes. Leather shoes will have the longest durability, and will also provide the best performance on the pitch. If you are a serious player or someone who plays often, go for a leather shoe.

Synthetic material shoes are cheaper, but they don’t last as long as leather shoes. However, they are perfect for kids who will outgrow their shoes quickly, or for the hobbyist who doesn’t need a top quality product.

Combination leather and synthetic shoes provide a good balance between cost and durability. Not super common to find combination shoes, but I find these to be pretty good shoes given the cost.

What size soccer cleats should I buy?

Buying a pair of cleats which will fit your feet properly is one of the most important things to consider when making a purchase. The aim should be to create a snug fit which will keep your foot from sliding from side to side and front to back. This is especially important for people with wide feet, where the issue is that cleats end up being uncomfortably narrow, making playing soccer a painful experience.

The various brands might vary from the usual shoe size, so it is very important to purchase from a respected retailer that has a hassle free return process (Amazon is fantastic at this), in case the wide soccer cleats are not a perfect fit. Take your time and read the product reviews to see what sizes other people bought. Do your research!

Never buy oversized cleats. Many people often buy larger cleats for young players so that they can grow into them. Oversized cleats cause your feet to move inside the shoe and this can cause painful blisters.

Speak to a coach and teammates

Your teammates are likely to have been or are in a similar situation to you. It may be a good idea to speak to them about what wide cleats they like. Similarly, they can also advise you on shops which may be selling cleats at an affordable rate. You can also speak to your coaches. Coaches likely have extensive knowledge on the subject of cleats, as they oversee player development on a regular basis.

Soccer cleats do not make the player

Some people do falsely believe that buying an expensive pair of cleats will help to make them into a phenomenal player. This is absurd. A good pair of cleats will certainly help to make your playing experience more enjoyable and comfortable, which could improve performance. However, it will not replace practice and exercising. Even if you have the same pair of cleats as Cristiano Ronaldo, you will likely play poorly if you do not train and exercise.

The correct wide soccer shoe for you

Other than the brand, your budget, and shoe size, there are other important factors which you definitely need to consider when buying soccer cleats for wide feet. The position you play on the pitch, and the surface you play on. See the important information below.

What position do you play?

At the amateur level especially, a lot of players tend to be versatile, while others tend to be very consistent in terms of their position. Your playing role and roles should influence what types of cleats you should buy. For instance, if you play in goal, the cleats that you choose will have to be different from cleats that one would choose to play as a striker.

Goalkeepers will need a pair of cleats which offer good ground grip. Slipping could be a disastrous mistake in this position.

Defenders will need to purchase a pair of shoes which can allow them to pass the ball cleanly. Passing the ball is one of the most important skills of a defender. A defender’s main duty is to win the ball from opposing attackers and aim to get the ball out of their defensive half while maintaining possession.

Midfielders will need a cleat that can allow them the opportunity to play for the full 90 minutes without any discomfort.

Wingers need to be as fast and agile as possible, they need a pair of cleats which are lightweight and allow for easy ball dribbling.

Forwards will need a cleat that is lightweight and which will allow them the opportunity to strike the ball with power. A forward’s main responsibility is to score goals, so being quick and being able to take powerful shots are very valuable characteristics in this position.

What surface do you play on?

There are different types of cleats developed for different surfaces. Some play mainly on artificial surfaces, while others most often play on natural grass surfaces. The pair of cleats that you buy are also determined by the surface that you play on.

FG-Firm Ground cleats are made for natural grass surfaces. The modern-day Firm Ground boots are also mostly nowadays accepted for use on Artificial surfaces, but as always, it is best to ask the seller for advice in this regard before making a purchase. Firm Ground cleats are meant for use on pitches where rain does not happen regularly.

Soft Ground cleats are best used in regions where the ground is soft due to excessive rainfall. These boots usually have studs which can be replaced. Perfect if you live in an area where you’d be expected to play in wet weather.

Indoor cleats are designed for use on modern-day indoor fields. If the ground is extremely flat, then these cleats would probably be a good choice. They will allow you to move around without the studs getting in your way.

Best 7 Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet (Men’s Sizes)

1. PUMA Men’s King Allround TT Soccer Cleat

PUMA Men's King Allround TT Soccer Cleat

+Made with leather, very durable
+Perfect for wide feet
Not the prettiest looking
Somewhat short tongue

This Puma Men’s soccer cleat is my #1 recommendation for players with wide feet. It might not be the prettiest looking shoe, but it is a high-quality, durable cleat that has been highly rated by players with wide feet.

The highly-rated cleat has been specifically praised by reviewers for how well they fit wide feet. Several reviewers have said how it is one of the few PUMA soccer shoes that fit their wide feet perfectly. Furthermore, it is a quality product made with leather by a top brand, this will ensure its durability and performance on the pitch.

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2. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

adidas copa mundial wide soccer cleat

+Made with leather, lightweight and durable
+Highly Recommended for wide feet
A little more expensive
Classic soccer shoe look a bit outdated

The Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial soccer cleat is one of those shoes that will always be a good decision to buy. Beautiful, classic soccer look and feel. Made with leather, lightweight, durable, and perfect for people with wide feet.

Many reviewers have praised this Adidas soccer shoe for being perfect for people with wide feet. Furthermore, given that it is made with leather, it means that the shoe will adjust and mold to your feet (of course, always buy a shoe that fits you well), and will hold up to heavy use. Frankly, it is #2 and not #1 simply due to the slightly higher price, which is expected for a high-quality shoe from a top brand.

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3. Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

+Affordable price
+Great for wider feet
Not 100% leather
Durability not as good as higher cost Adidas shoes

This is the perfect wide soccer shoe for someone who plays less regularly or more as a hobby. It is made with a combination of leather and synthetic materials, which means you get a good balance between quality and price.

Several reviewers have noted how this soccer cleat is great for people with wide feet. However, given that it is not made with 100% leather, expect these shoes to not be as durable, and they won’t mold to your feet as well. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this for the hobbyist player that just needs a good fitting wide shoe.

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4. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat

+Fantastic price
+Excellent performance
Made with synthetic materials
Size runs small

This is my highest recommended synthetic soccer cleat for wide feet. Synthetic shoes will always be cheaper than leather shoes, as it is less durable, though the Adidas Men’s Messi shoe comes highly rated by many purchasers. The shoe is praised for both its ability to fit wide feet, and the overall performance on the pitch.

Synthetic materials will never be as durable as 100% leather, so that is something to keep in mind when purchasing this shoe. Still, it is the synthetic shoe I would recommend as your top pick. Some reviewers have commented that the shoe size runs a bit small, so it might be beneficial to go half a size up.

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5. PUMA Men’s Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe

PUMA Men's Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe

+Excellent price
+Great fit for wide feet
Made with synthetic materials
Arch support could be better

This beautiful, modern-looking PUMA soccer shoe is perfect for wide feet while offering a good price. PUMAS has come up with a more affordable pricing option for people with wide feet, though it has done so by using a synthetic material instead of leather.

The shoe has been highly rated as being a great fit for people with wide feet. However, it is made with synthetic materials, and not leather. Although leather should always be preferred, this well-rated synthetic shoe is perfect for the weekend player who needs a well-fitting wide shoe. Durability won’t be as good as a 100% leather soccer cleat, but this one will still hold up for a hobbyist.

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6. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FxG Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Ace 16.4 FxG Soccer Shoe

+Good price
+Lightweight and flexible
Synthetic materials
Thin material

Another wide soccer cleat that is made with synthetic materials. Although it has received good reviews, this Adidas is made of synthetic materials, and you should consider that it will decrease durability and not be as comfortable as leather shoes. Still, this is a good price and has been praised for its ability to fit wide feet.

When you go for synthetic, it is always a tradeoff at getting a better price at the cost of losing on durability and feel. In this case, the materials can be a bit on the thin side, which means it won’t last as long, though it might help with ball control. This shoe is perfect for the weekend soccer warrior.

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7. Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer 2.0 Cleat Adult

Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer 2.0 Cleat Adult

+Best price in this list
+Made especially for wide feet
Synthetic materials
Not top brand

Coming in at #7 of our Men’s wide soccer cleats, the Zephz is the only non-top brand shoe on our list. It made it on because of its great price, great online reviews, and due to the fact that it is specifically made for wide feet.

This shoe is perfect for the weekend soccer hobbyist that needs a wide shoe. It comes at a great price, though you should definitely note that this shoe won’t be as durable as a leather shoe. Furthermore, if you take soccer seriously, you should move up to a top brand shoe, nonetheless, the Zephz is perfect for the player looking to kick the ball around with friends.

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Best 5 Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet (Kid’s Sizes)

1. Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoes

Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes

+Great reviews
+Perfect for wide feet

My #1 rated wide shoes for kids, the Vizari Stealth FG has a great price point and fantastic reviews. Several people rave about how these are great for kids with wide feet and are super comfortable.

Although I typically recommend leather shoes, I believe that synthetic materials are perfectly fine for kids. Kids grow quickly, so the price for a leather soccer shoe might not be feasible. Remember, always buy shoes for your kids that fit well, never have them “grow into the shoe” as this will simply cause blisters.

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2. Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer 2.0 Cleat Youth

Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer 2.0 Cleat Youth

+Excellent reviews
+Made especially for wide feet

Just like the adult version I mentioned previously, the Zephz is a great synthetic material shoe designed specifically for youth with wide feet. Great reviews and a good price point, the Zephz Wide Traxx is a perfect youth soccer shoe.

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3. Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

+Great price

Another synthetic material show that fits kids with wide feet very well. The Vizari Striker is a top-selling item, it is the product with the most reviews on this list. Its low price makes this wide youth soccer shoe perfect for very young players, who will likely outgrow their shoes quickly.

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4. Aleader Boy’s Athletic Soccer Cleats 


+Amazing colors
+Fabric & synthetic

The Aleader is different from the other shoes on this list in that it is made with a combination of fabric and synthetic. This means the shoe is a bit more malleable and easy on the feet, perfect for a youth player who dislikes a feeling of tightness. Just like all shoes on the kid’s soccer cleats list, this one fits wide feet well and is very affordable.

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5. Zephz Wide Traxx White/Red-Orange Soccer Cleat Youth


+Made specifically for wide feet

Finishing up the list for kid’s wide soccer cleats, the Zephz Wide Traxx makes it on because it is well priced and is made specifically for wide feet in mind. Plus, it has super cool colors, perfect for the youth soccer player looking to wear something a bit less traditional.

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If you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate the time you have taken reading my extensive review of wide soccer cleats. If you have any questions, please go ahead and drop a comment below, and I will definitely follow up and provide an answer as soon as possible.