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West Ham star admits Moyes was right in axing him

West Ham star Michail Antonio has admitted that manager David Moyes was correct to axe him and he added that he remains committed to the side.

The 27-year-old was late for a recent team meeting and as punishment, he was left out of the clubs match-day squad which played against Crystal Palace during the week.

Antonio who is the reigning Hammers player of the year and who only recently returned to action following a six-week layoff has admitted that Moyes was correct to axe him due to his actions.

He said: “I am not making excuses, I was late. I agree with what the manager did. I was late for a meeting, he dropped me from the squad. I understand that to the fullest. I spoke to him and apologised.

“But I’m always on time. I love to be on time. The problem arose through confusion and it’s down to the fact I have been injured.

“Before I got injured we met at a hotel before games. While I was out it switched to the stadium. I turned up at the hotel where we met all the time under the previous manager SlavenBilic.

“I simply went to the hotel instead of the stadium. It’s not like I didn’t wake up in time.

“That’s where there has been some confusion. I went to the hotel because that’s where we met under Slaven and in the few games I have played under David Moyes.

“But the manager wants a tight ship, he is not letting anyone slide and that’s how it happened. Ultimately, I agree with what he did though. I was in the wrong and he made a decision.”

Antonio has certainly reacted well to the situation as he has not become defensive or arrogant.