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Celtic star reveals he has managed to mend his relationship with club legend

Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon has claimed that he and Chris Sutton are back on good terms after having previously claimed that the pundit has an agenda against him.

Sutton who is not afraid to criticize players has been praised by some for his thinking but Gordan has accused him of stepping over the line.

Sutton has previously criticized Gordon for his goalkeeping and speaking in September Gordan said: “It’s his opinion but he focuses rather a lot on the negatives, rather than anything positive. It’s more of a campaign.

“I think he goes over the top at times and I know I’m not the only one to perceive that. There are other guys in our squad who receive as much, if not more, criticism than me. I’m not sure if it’s a personal thing, but it seems to be.”

However speaking on Sunday during Celtic’s training camp in Dubai, Gordan said: “I met him at an airport and he was fine. We chatted about the game [against Rangers on December 30] and I’m not saying he is 100 per cent wrong.

“Some of the things he said were right. I just think it was at that time a little bit over the top. I understand it’s his job to create controversy and talking points and that’s what he has to do. But at that moment in time I felt it was unfair.

“He has been pretty fair since and if there has been something he has commented on it has been right.

“There have been things I could have done better and it’s just a balance. If you do well you deserve to get the praise and if you don’t the criticism is going to come your way.

“That’s fair enough, that’s the way it should be. I don’t go looking for trouble or anything. I wouldn’t have said anything towards him and, yeah, he was perfectly pleasant. Hopefully that’s the end of it and if I am there to be fairly criticised then fine.”