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N’Zonzi to Arsenal Rumours

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Steven N’Zonzi has confirmed suspicions that he’s looking for an exit from Sevilla after bad blood has been brewing between himself and his manager Eduardo Berizzo. The scene-stealing midfielder has enjoyed tremendous success with book of ra deluxe and Spanish side after he left Stoke, and his celebrated form on the pitch has piqued the interest of Everton and Arsenal news. The two Premier League sides have been connected with a Arsenal transfer of the French international, who, earlier this month, was seen flying to London, potentially to engage in talks with one or both of the teams and Arsenal as well.

An Eye on the Big Leagues at Arsenal

Berizzo placed the blame for Sevilla’s atrocious first-half display against Liverpool squarely at the French international’s feet, with N’Zoni griping to the press about the verbal tongue-lashing he received for that performance. The player spoke about his fears about being excluded from the side for the foreseeable future. He doesn’t seem to flustered though, and is eager to carve out a fresh start for himself away from La Liga. Sevilla conceded a whooping three goals in a dire half, but marshalled their forces to make a surprising comeback later in the match. Arsenal rumours suggest Wenger has his eye on the exciting young player and bring him to Arsenal.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

N’Zoni’s three years with Stoke should give him a good idea of what to expect playing in the Premier League side Arsenal. Although his contract runs to 2020 with Sevilla, he is not currently amongst his squad, having been granted permission to head to London to visit the casino list by vogueplay.com, amongst other things. Sevilla’s chairman has insisted that the manager’s vision must be honoured, which should leave the player in no doubt as the which way the wind is blowing. His contract does at least have a £35.2m release clause written into the fine print, which could potentially see the N’Zoni to Arsenal jumping ship as early as January.

Everton has Eyes on Him

Sam Allardyce, the new manager at Everton, has also taken a shine to the player, and could want him to bolster the team’s middle for the upcoming season. It looks as if a bidding war with Arsenal maybe in the works to secure his talent. Despite a lackluster stay with Stoke, he turned his career around at Sevilla to become one of the side’s stalwarts during his time with the club. If he can maintain his career trajectory at a commensurate level abroad, he could well go on to become a star on this side of the Channel with Arsenal. Who, and how much he is traded for remain to be seen, but the buzz around his next Arsenal destination is a testament to the skill he’s developed a reputation for bringing to the pitch in recent years.