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Liga MX: Remembering Miguel Calero Five Years After His Passing

This Monday, December 4, 2017, It has now been exactly half a decade since the passing of former Pachuca great Miguel Calero. The Colombian goalkeeper was an icon for Los Tuzos and made a significant impact on Mexican football throughout his lifetime.

Calero spent over a decade on his native Colombia with Deportivo Cali, Sporting de Barranquilla and Atletico Nacional before making his move to Pachuca at the turn of the century. “Condor” became a superstar with Los Tuzos and was part of the team’s dynasty years winning four league titles and four CONCACAF Champions’ Cup titles. Calero had an iconic look as he sported a cap up until 2008 when it was disallowed by the league for players to wear any headgear.

The Colombian keeper also represented his country for several years consistently fighting for a starting role with Oscar Cordoba and Faryd Mondragon. Calero was part of one of Los Cafeteros only major championships as he formed part of Colombia’s 2001 Copa America winning squad. “Condor” was on the bench for most of the tournament as Oscar Cordoba received most of the playing time in that competition.

After his playing career ended with Pachuca in 2011 the South American goalkeeper stayed with the franchise and served as a goalkeeper trainer up until his death in 2012. Calero made an impact there as well as one of his students was Chivas and Mexican national team goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota. Calero will live on with Cota forever as the Mexican goalkeeper has a tattoo of the Pachuca legend on his leg.

Calero was respected by his opponents because of the intensity he brought in games, even being aggressive going forward with a handful of goals in his career. Those around Calero also respected him and were significantly impacted by the Colombian like the case of Rodolfo Cota.

Pachuca fans, Mexican football fans and Colombian football fans will never forget Miguel Calero as he immortalized himself with the impact he made on the game. Half a decade has already passed since the death of Miguel Calero, one day it will be decades but his spirit will live on in Mexican football forever.