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West Ham man indicates why he would love to retire at the club

Moyes Manchester
Wikimedia/Jason Gulledge

West Ham manager David Moyes, 54, has revealed he would love to have a long spell managing the east London club.

The Scot was in charge of Everton between 2002 and 2013, and he declared ahead of returning to Goodison Park on Wednesday night that he wouldn’t mind having something similar at his new club.

Moyes believes the level of talent present within the West Ham setup, coupled with their infrastructure, can make them a top team and inspire him to keep giving his best.

However, he is mindful of the fact that good stability and strength will be needed if his dreams of being with West Ham for a longtime were to come true.

He told reporters prior to the game: “I hope that is that case [that he can emulate his Everton achievements] and I would love to say that was what it is.

“But when I came in I talked a bit about [how] I don’t think managers tend to get the time or that period.

“You move your managers on a lot quicker than you did. I remember at Everton the first year went quite well, the second year was a bit of a dip and it’s at those times where it was probably the only time I thought [about getting sacked].

“We had to get rid of that at Everton, that feeling that being safe was good enough.

“I’d love… if I can get good stability and strength then I hope that it could easily be 11 years.

“West Ham have unbelievable potential, unbelievable potential to be up there. They’ve got the infrastructure now.”

Moyes is having his 4th shot at a Premier League job having also managed Manchester United and Sunderland, and he is hoping to rebuild his reputation following disastrous stints at the aforementioned clubs.

He also couldn’t get things right at the La Liga with Real Sociedad.

West Ham fans are popular for turning on their managers once things head south, and Moyes will have to keep delivering on a consistent basis if he’s to retire at the club.