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Atlas’ Captain Hopes for the “Best Version” of Ravel Morrison

Atlas vs America Copa MX
Source: Flickr - Carpaccio

This Tuesday Ravel Morrison was present in his first training session with his new team in Mexico, Atlas. On the same day, Atlas’ club captain and goalkeeper Miguel Fraga met with the press to share his opinions on several topics including Ravel Morrison.

On the Englishman, Fraga said, “He has the characteristics that the group requires, his arrival will do us good. We hope that he brings his best version of himself”. Morrison has always had the talent but Miguel Fraga highlighted the problem that has plagued him over the years, that the ex-Manchester United player does not always bring the best version of himself. Atlas’ most recent acquisition has had legal issues in the past and has also had problems with former managers and teammates.

However, Morrison does seem appreciative with his new opportunity and seems to be motivated to resurrect his career. Los Zorros could certainly use the “best version” of him as the team from Guadalajara is currently fighting relegation and is sitting in 13th place in the Liga MX. The demanding fan base is also eager to see the team succeed as some fans have already lost their patience, asking for manager Jose Guadalupe Cruz to leave. The “best version” of Morrison cannot only save Atlas from relegation but can even lead his new team to the playoffs with an already talented core around him in the attack.