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Three Things we learned from Rangers’ disappointing defeat against Hibernian

Rangers lost its first Premiership game of the season in just the second match on Saturday when they played host to Hibernian.

The newly-promoted side were made to work hard for it in a feisty affair, but they overcame the ten men of Rangers 2-3 in the end. Here are three thoughts:

Morelos continues fine form

The most important, and positive, thing for Rangers in this match is that the form of Alfredo Morelos continued on.

The impressive forward didn’t have the hardest of tasks to finish off the free kick that he did score from, but the fact he is finding himself is those positions is very encouraging to Gers and its fans.

hey need a second player to take some burden off veteran Kenny Miller, and this appears to be just the man that’s doing that.

Miller’s chances missed rued

Speaking of Kenny Miller, the veteran had two great chances to just about put the game away at an early stage. Once when opposition goalkeeper Ofir Marciano kicked the ball right into his path. He again had a good chance a few minutes later that was scuffed and eventually was cleared away.

Those chances might have been tough asks, no doubt, but there isn’t much debate that if either had gone in that Rangers would have been in a much more comfortable position.

Light Blues see red

Rangers lost is composure in a very tightly contested match between two teams that do not get along very well. In a bit of a tussle in the midfield of the pitch after a foul, midfielder Ryan Jack decided to sprint and take part.

The referee decided he displayed a little too much by hitting out at the opposition, and he was thus given a red card. The senselessness of this was appalling, and while there will certainly be debates about whether It was red or not, this type of thing just cannot happen if you’re going to be contending for titles.