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26-year-old happy with his decision to leave Celtic

Celtic vs Astana
Celtic vs Astana

Gary Mackay-Steven has revealed that he felt that he needed to leave Celtic after receiving limited playing time last season.

He has moved on to Aberdeen this summer and is happy about the transfer as it will allow him to play more regularly next season.

He said, “I needed to get out and play games,” he said. “I was in and around the team and then out last year. I didn’t want another season of being on the fringes.

“I wanted to be training and looking forward to a game on a Saturday. Here the club are challenging for honours every season, it’s a massive club and they really showed their interest in me. I want to look forward to this season now.”

The 26-year-old Mackay-Steven managed just 11 appearances for the Bhoys last season.

He is now at an age where he should be playing regular first team football, hence moving away from the club was probably the best possible move for him at this point in time.