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Celtic, Supporters at odds over tickets

Celtic vs Astana
Celtic vs Astana

Celtic Football Club will be entering the Champions League at the second qualifying round, where they will face either Northern Ireland’s Linfield or San Marino’s La Fiorita.

And there is some controversy surrounding the potential clash against the Northern Ireland club.

The club recently announced that they would not accept any tickets from Linfield if the tie is set to take place. This is being done due to safety because of traditional parades that take place around that time of year.

The Celtic Trust and the Green Brigade have called “on the board to reconsider their decision, and should they fail to do so, for Linfield to sell tickets directly to Celtic supporters,” according to the Daily Record.

This seems like being the most likely of solutions to this very complex problem. The club are clearly concerned about sectarian violence and how they would be perceived, but it would also be a poor way to treat fans to not allow them the chance to see the match. Hopefully a safe, reasonable agreement is found in the days to come.