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Goalscoring defender says he has an offer from Celtic

Celtic vs Astana
Celtic vs Astana

The former Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus member Reto Ziegler, has shocked the media saying that he was approached by Celtic, and that the club from Celtic Park have already offered him a deal. He also added that he has an offer from Spanish Club Real Betis.

Ziegler said: “That’s true. But before I meet with those two clubs, I will also meet with the people who run Sion to find out more.

“The offers from Celtic and Betis are an honour for me. But without wanting to sound snooty, I think I deserve it, I’ve had a good season.”

“I am getting married at the weekend and if I moved to Scotland, she would want to move abroad again with me I hope! But we are not there yet.”

There hasn’t been any denial of this claim, and we are yet to see what follows.

The experienced left back has played six different countries in his career, but his biggest mark was left in Sampdoria, where he appeared 127 times and scored 4 goals.

Ziegler also played 32 games for the Swiss national team and had been a member of the squad in two previous World Cups, 2010 in South Africa and 2014 in Brazil.

At the moment, he is contracted to Sion, where he spent the last two seasons and scored an impressive 11 goals in 58 matches but his deal with the Swiss side will end in July.

If this information is correct, Brendan Rogers will get a reliable left back, with great experience, and who knows how to win trophies.