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Jorge Vergara Wagers Mexican Music Icon on Upcoming ‘Clasico Tapatio’

Toronto vs Chivas
Source: Flickr - Jaec

Jorge Vergara, the eccentric Chivas of Guadalajara owner has been known to be a confident man. Especially when it comes to his soccer team, Chivas of Guadalajara, this has even gotten himself into trouble at times.

Vergara is already claiming that Chivas are destined to lift the Liga MX title this tournament and dreams of El Doblete, Chivas already have won the Copa MX. Singer/songwriter, Alejandro Fernandez, son of Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez, has tested Vergara’s confidence. Fernandez is known to be a die-hard Atlas fan and the upcoming fixture in the Liga MX playoffs has sparked an enticing wager between the two. The Mariachi icon hit up the Chivas’ owner on twitter and offered to wager a painting worth 225 thousand pesos, which is around 13 thousand dollars. Vergara declined the wager and proposed to make the wager, cold hard cash which Fernandez did accept.

The money is set to go to the charity of the winner’s choosing and that valuable painting that Fernandez has will also be raffled off for charity at a later date. El Clasico Tapatio in the playoffs is a magnificent thing for the Liga MX and for the city of Guadalajara. Both teams will have a lot to play for, Chivas not having won a Liga MX title since 2006 and Atlas since 1951. Jorge Vergara and Alejandro Fernandez will also make it a bit more interesting for themselves with this wager.