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Moyes wants massive changes at Sunderland, or he leaves


Sunderland club owner Ellis Short reportedly wants David Moyes to remain as manager of the troubled club next season, as it prepares for life in the Championship. The Black Cats were relegated after suffering defeat to Bournemouth last weekend.

Moyes has, however, said, via The Telegraph, that as it stands, the squad is not sufficiently equipped to perform well in the Championship and that massive changes will have to be made if the club wishes to win promotion next season.

The club is not only troubled in terms of the performances, but also in terms of finances, with recent statements revealing that they have debts in excess of £110 million.

The club will likely sell Whabi Khazri, Fabio Borini, Jordan Pickford and Lamine Kone during the summer and will need to invest in new talent in order to do well next season.

Whether Moyes stays will depend on whether Short grants him sufficient funds to bolster the squad.



  1. I agree. I have been left frustrated this season with some of his signings, but there again, what else could he do? We all know the team is carrying deadwood. If he were to go, our talented youngsters could miss the chance of being blooded in the Championship, as a new Manager will have to get to know them all individually. We genuinely have some cracking kids coming through, and these are kids who want to actually play for the shirt and have an understanding of what it means up here. If we were to have tried 3-4 of them in the Premiership, the pressure could have actually have had an adverse effect of what we all want. Give him a further season. After all, who honestly could come in and turn it all round starting from scratch in one season??

  2. Although David Moyes has frustrated supporters this season with team selection and formations…could there be more to it? I may be miles off the mark but I am beginning to wonder if relegation was the objective this season, a clean sweep at the end… clear out completely all the dead wood. Being one of those who would have liked to see D M go I am now, not that sure. It is stupid to say he is clueless, there is more to management than sitting on the terraces talking tactics and saying who should be playing and what position. Lets just hope he is wanting to show man united they were wrong not to give him ( and they did not ) a fair crack of the whip.


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