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Police warn Celtic and Rangers fans ahead of Derby

Celtic vs Astana
Celtic vs Astana

No matter what some may believe, there is still a big rivalry between Rangers and Celtic. And they’re due to meet once again this weekend in the Old Firm Derby, and tensions are already running high. Supporters and players alike have been taking to social media to get each other riled up for this clash.

And some of Scotland and Glasgow’s finest have taken to the air to make it clear to keep things strictly about the football. The last time these two sides met, Rangers fans destroyed bathrooms.

There’s a long history of violence with this fixture, so it’s no surprise to see the police trying to gain some semblance of order before kickoff takes place.

Chief Police Superintendent Brian McIlnuty has made it clear by saying “Let’s keep this match focused on the football so that supporters can enjoy a safe match.”

It’s also being encouraged that supporters keep a certain amount of decorum. So hopefully there won’t be too many bad gestures, but we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up there!