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Chivas Projected Lineup vs Toluca Clausura ’17: Salcido in for Suspended Pereira

Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Marvin520

Chivas were on the wrong end of a spectacular comeback last week, when Jaguares put three goals past them in just 5 minutes to secure a massive win.  No doubt Guadalajara will take a long look at their shameful second half showing, and you can expect a few changes in the starting lineup as a result.  Chivas will be hosting Toluca, in what is possibly the best game of the weekend, and certain the best game of Saturday night.

Goalkeeper: Rodolfo Cota

Cota had a rough jornada 8, conceding four times and taking a shot to the face, but he will be in the lineup for Chivas as always.

Left Back: Edwin Hernández

Edwin came out early after the disaster last week, but he is in no danger of losing his spot.

Center Backs: Carlos Salcido and Oswaldo Alanís

Salcido is likely to come in to replace the suspended Jair Pereira.  Carlos has not had much playing time this year, and has mostly been relegated to a Copa MX player.  A fun stat about Alanís: he has the third most “defensive touches” in the league.

Right Back: Jesús Sánchez

El Chapito came out at the same time as Hernández last week, and Matías Almeyda was clearly not happy with the results (as is to be expected when you blow a lead like that), but, like Hernández, Sánchez is simply too good to leave out of the lineup.

Center Midfielders: Orbelin Pineda and Michael Perez

Nothing really needs to be said about Pineda at this point.  A stunning talent who has been playing his A+ game the past several weeks.  Michael Pérez will come in for José Vasquez, who only played about 70 minutes last week.

Left Wing: Isaac Brizuela

Isaac is clearly Almeyda’s “12th man,” but he is due for a start against Toluca.

Central Attacking Midfielder: Rodolfo Pizarro

Pizarro had two goals against Jaguares, and now has four on the season, not bad for someone playing behind Alan Pulido.

Right Wing: Javier “Chofis” Lopez

Fans and coaches alike were wondering if La Chofis would ever develop into the player everyone saw during his magical run last year, and he more or less has.  Lopez has started every game for Chivas this season.

Striker: Ángel Zaldívar

Alan Pulido’s playing time has been sporadic to say the least, and Zaldívar has finally been accepted as a striker by Matías Almeyda.  Most of Ángel’s goals are coming from penalties, but he’s undeniably been dangerous this year.