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Celtic crush Inverness to gain redemption

Celtic vs Astana
Celtic vs Astana

Celtic Football Club are truly in a league of their own at the moment. They’ve romped to yet another win last night, 0-4 at Inverness. This might seem like just another day at the office, but it was so much more for them.

Celtic defeated Inverness, who were the only side to make Celtic slip up this season. That’s right, the fabled one draw came from Inverness. They were sorely punished for that here, and now they’ll be looking over their shoulders toward possible relegation.

Celtic, though, continue this ridiculous undefeated run. Say what you will about the quality of the league and opposition, but this run is one of the best runs you’ll ever see. Brendan Rodgers has done brilliantly, and Celtic are going to become a major force again through this.

In addition to all of this, this Celtic side are now just three wins away from leapfrogging Martin O’Neil’s own side for most wins in a row. Don’t expect this run to be stopped anytime soon!