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5 Reasons Why Chelsea Will Win the Premier League This Season


Chelsea may already be the league leaders going into the second half of the season, but as they are only 8 points ahead of Arsenal, they still need to make sure they carry on doing the job for the games that are left. After losing to Tottenham a couple of weeks back, Chelsea managed to bounce back against Premier League Champions Leicester on their own turf by beating them 3-0, and followed that with a 2-0 win over Hull, so they are certainly still the team to finish above if anyone has a chance of winning the league. A lot of pundits still think Chelsea will march on to be crowned Premier League champions at the end of the season, and here are 5 of the reasons why Chelsea could do the job.

1. Chelsea Have the Experience

Chelsea have won the Premier League multiple times from the same position in recent years, so they have the players ready to do it again. They know they face a tough task in front of them in terms of seeing off other teams just below them, but if they can keep winning games convincingly like they did against Leicester at the King Power Stadium, they will be champions a lot sooner than people think.

2. The Squad Looks Determined

The squad looks as determined as ever to succeed under Antonio Conte, and if they can carry on winning games from this weekend onwards, when they have to take on relegation battlers Hull at Stamford Bridge, then there is no reason why they won’t be lifting the trophy at the end of the season. All of the players look in good shape and unless something goes drastically wrong on the pitch, Chelsea could be lifting the trophy sooner rather than later.

3. Chelsea Still Have to Play Top Teams

This may not be a good point for Chelsea, but it could be a good point if they end up beating some of the top teams they have to play in their remaining fixtures. Not only will they benefit from increasing their points tally, but they will also stop their rivals from gaining on them which is another bonus, so it really is in Chelsea’s hands to lose the title from here on out. Chelsea have to play Liverpool and Arsenal in the coming weeks, two teams fighting for the title that are having a bit of a slump, so that could prove to be key in Chelsea’s title winning hopes. Chelsea also have the opportunity to see off Manchester United at Old Trafford later in the season, which means that will put Manchester United out of the equation should Chelsea win.

4. Rivals Still Need to play Each Other

Chelsea’s title chasing rivals still have to play each other at some point between now and the end of the season, which gives Chelsea an even bigger advantage because they know the teams below them are likely to drop points before the end of the season. So even if Chelsea do stumble a couple of times from now, they will still have the advantage thanks to their 7 point lead.

5. Chelsea Have an Easy Run In

Chelsea’s last 5 games of the season look very much winnable on paper, and the bookies on sites like Bookmaker Ratings suggest they will have the title wrapped up coming into this stage, so they will have the confidence knowing they are going to have their toughest games out of the way in the next couple of months. Their only real contest will come from Everton when they have to visit them at Goodison Park, but other than that, there aren’t many other threats.

Whether Chelsea do manage to win the Premier League from here on out remains to be seen, but if they carry on winning games and scraping wins against their title chasing rivals, it’s certainly theirs to lose already.