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Three Real Madrid Players to Watch in 2017

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The start of a new year is usually full of hope and excitement. This is no different when it comes to football, as new talent could emerge or current players could just drastically improve their form and find their moment. With that in mind, here are three Real Madrid players to keep an eye on in 2017.


1. Jesús Vallejo

The 19-year-old made a move to Real Madrid in 2015 but stayed on loan in the club that gave him everything, Real Zaragoza. He’s currently on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt and starting games regularly. The center back is making a name for himself. Other clubs in Europe have taken notice, and that’s always a very good sign.

Pepe will be 34 years old in February and his contract extension doesn’t seem likely to happen. While he has been an essential part of this club for almost a decade now, it’s the right time to pass the torch. Vallejo’s odds of joining the first team this summer are very high, regardless of what happens to the Portuguese.

Captain Sergio Ramos is aging as well, but his true Madridista philosophy and nature will keep him going for long. Having Vallejo study under him would set him up for a very promising stay at the Santiago Bernabéu. In just a few months we’ll probably see him wearing the white shirt.