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Euro 2016: Manchester United Player disappoints when it mattered the most

Rooney Manchester United
Wikimedia: Gordon Flood

You must have surely come across the news of England being kicked out of EURO 2016 by Iceland, unless you have been living in a parallel universe. It was a night which the tiny nation will cherish for years to come and a night that England will surely never ever forget about.

England ended up on the embarrassing side, as they had the easiest of opponents to rally through, but eventually lost 2-1.

After handing a positive start to his team by scoring from the penalty spot in the 5th minute, Wayne Rooney’s game progressed in the wrong direction. His passing became more and more erratic and he lost the ball more often.

It was a match when the man with the arm band had to step up for his team, but in turn he looked under pressure and committed countless mistakes. England failed to score in the second half even when they enjoyed a significant percentage of possession. Rooney’s game dipped continuously as the game progressed and signs of losing hope could be seen in every English player’s body language.

Rooney had a decent tournament overall, but failed to step up when the team needed their most experienced player to do it for them. Wayne Rooney became England’s most capped outfield player besides David Beckham, after playing the 115th game for them. Rooney featured for 288 minutes in the EURO 2016, and he managed only one goal alongside a passing accuracy of 86.5%.