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Liverpool reportedly chasing Lewandowski


According to The Guardian, Liverpool could be interested in signing Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

The twenty-seven-year-old player is currently a member of German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, and he is one of their most important players.

Last season, Lewandowski was one of the most prolific strikers in Europe, scoring an incredible total of 42 goals from 51 appearances for Bayern.

However, there are some reports suggesting that now “Lewangoalski” could be united once again with his former boss Jurgen Klopp, only this time he would change yellow Borussia Dortmund shirt for Liverpool’s famous red one.

On the other hand, it seems like Pep Guardiola is highly interested in bringing Lewandowski to Manchester City, and this could be a potential problem for the Merseyside club, as City has so much more to offer – from money to a Champions League spot. Currently, Lewandowski is in France, as he captains the Polish national squad at the Euros.

One thing is for sure, though – should Lewandowski decide to join Liverpool, we would be watching one hell of a title race next season.



  1. Utter bollox Jovan, FSG wouldn’t pay big money for a guy who will be 28 in 2 months, a guy we can’t offer CL or even EL and even if we manage to get into Europe next year he will be 29 at the start of that season.

    Not going to happen.

  2. In my dreams, in my dreams . . . and only the better ones . . . this guy signs for Liverpool when we don’t have CL football to offer him! If we did, he’d sign for us if the package was good enough but it would take optimism to incredible, almost unheard-of, levels to think he’d be happy to go through a season without CL footie when Madrid and City are both after him, can both pay more than we can and can both offer the all-important CL footie. Still, we can dream . . .


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