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21-year-old Tottenham Hotspur man reportedly leaving White Hart Lane

Nabil_Bentaleb Tottenham
Wikimedia: Yaya

According to the Daily Mail, Italian side Napoli have approached Spurs for 21-year old Algerian Midfielder Nabil Bentaleb. Bentaleb did not a regularly featured player for Spurs as both he and fellow Midfielder Ryan Mason saw their starting spots dominated by Moussa Dembele and Eric Dier.

Bentaleb has been with Spurs since 2012 but has only made 46 appearances and has yet to score for the club. Bentaleb is known for being good in the air and intercepting balls but after bad pass that led to an own goal in the first game of the season, he rarely saw the field.

Reports show that Tottenham in interested in Southhampton Midfield Victor Wanyama and PSG youngster Wilfried Kanga to replace Bentaleb who is also rumored to be on the Crystal Palace radar.

I think this deal is pretty likely. Manager Mauricio Pochettino has shown that he is willing to move on experienced and talented players if they do not match his system, (see Andros Townsend, Aaron Lennon, Soldado, etc). Poch will find his guy and move Nabil onto the next club!



  1. Kanga to replace Bentaleb? Don’t let me laugh!!!
    So a big player like Bentaleb lost his time on the Bench. He didn’t had a bad pass. He was dropped after the injurie. Sincerly, He’s better than all 3 “D” – Delle Ali, Dier and Dembele” and he’s the only player can performe with big clubs. See the interest of Real Madrid and Barcelona. He’ll finaly found a super club why he’s an awesone player.

  2. He’s really a great player. Every player has one day a bad day. Messi too. He didn’t have a bad pass. he had an injurie and after that, he was on the bench. Sincerly, he’s better as Delle Ali, Dier and Dembele. And yes, he’s the one who can play in big clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid.
    Bentaleb is too good for Tottenham. Kanga can noway replace so a super player as Bentaleb.

  3. Actually I think Bentaleb is surplus to requirements and more then likely will move on.
    Hope Ryan Mason stays though, we need back up and he has stated he is willing to fight for his place.

  4. You know little about football if you think Kanga replaces Bentaleb, Kanga is primarily a winger and Bentaleb isn’t reportedly leaving Spurs, a journalist has merely speculated, two entirely different things.

    • True dat!

      But, y’know, he made a bad pass that was punished against United and was then injured so all the two-bit would-be managers and Fifa-Heads think that the player they crying over the season before, because Barcelona-Madrid FC might take him off us, have decided he should be unhitched from the cart and taken to the Knackers Yard. LoL 😂


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