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Report: Liverpool linked with £25m Arsenal deal

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As Football Insider reports, Liverpool is seriously looking at the possibility of signing Arsenal’s Theo Walcott for a price of £25m.

Walcott didn’t play a very big role in Arsenal’s last season, and because of that, it looks like the Gunners might be willing to let him go, for a certain amount of money, of course.

On the other hand, Liverpool’s boss, Jurgen Klopp, had some considerable troubles when it came to scoring goals last season, and sometimes the Reds actually needed the kind of assets Walcott has. His pace would be very helpful to the Merseyside club, should he decide to join them.

Walcott has had a good career at Arsenal, scoring a total of 85 goals in 343 appearances. Last year, he even signed a new four-year contract at £110,000-a-week, so this could be a potential problem, as Liverpool would have to offer wages somewhere around that sum of money.

Walcott isn’t part of the England 2016 Euro squad, so there are some real chances that this whole transfer saga could finish soon. Nonetheless, we must wait and see if Klopp would be willing to pay so much for Walcott.



  1. The world is suddenly a gloomier place! What on Earth do Liverpool want with Theo Walcott who has been in and out of the Arsenal team more than I’ve been in and out of chippy and I weigh several stone too many with several chippy wrappers currently in the bin!
    He’s a decent winger, but doesn’t like playing on the wing. He’s a very average striker but likes playing as a striker. The chances of us overtaking Arsenal by pinching half of their reserves – bearing in mind we are supposedly quite keen on Oxlaid-Chamberlain and Keiron Gibbs – must be slim and getting slimmer by the hour! Yep, it’s mighty gloomy just now . . .


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