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[Video] Barcelona Superstar has explosive tantrum in Copa America

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez threw a tremendous fit during Thursday’s Copa America match between Uruguay and Venezuela.

As Uruguay was losing 1-0, on the verge of elimination from the group stage, Suarez requested to his coach to be subbed in. When the request was denied, Suarez exploded with a tantrum that is actually quite entertaining to watch.

Although Suarez was quite angry at his coach for refusing to play him, it is likely best that he did not, at least for Barcelona’s sake. The reason Suarez did not start against Venezuela, is because he is still injured and not 100%.

Uruguay’s coach decided not to risk Suarez, even with the tournament at stake. Uruguay ended up losing to lowly Venezuela 1-0, and coupled with Sunday’s 1-3 loss to Mexico, Uruguay is now out of the Copa America, with Suarez playing 0 minutes.

The third match against Jamaica will be meaningless, as both teams are out, so it will be interesting to see if Suarez simply sits out the entire Copa America. At least Suarez will be healthy…