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Liverpool reportedly close to signing €25m Mexican Midfielder

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As Footbal Italia reports (via Mexican channel Fox Sports Mexico), Liverpool could be on verge of signing Mexican midfielder Hector Herrera.

Herrera is currently a member of Portuguese side FC Porto, and it is understood that Napoli is highly interested in signing the player. However, now there are some reports that Liverpool is not only interested, but has already beaten Napoli in a race to sign him.

Herrera’s price has been set at €25m, which was way too high for the Italian club. It is understood that Napoli agreed to offer €18m, and they won’t be going over that amount.

Interesting thing about Herrera is that as a young footballer playing for Pachuca in Mexico, his nicknames were “skunk” and “fox”. The twenty-six-year-old midfielder was pretty impressive for FC Porto during his last season, with 9 goals and 4 assists in 29 appearances.

Furthermore, Herrera is an unquestionable starter in the Mexican National Team, which dominates the CONCACAF region, and won its first Copa America match 3-1 against Uruguay this week.

Liverpool surely needs to bolster their squad and add some more players if they want to chase Champions League spot next season, so bringing in Herrera would mean that Klopp has more versatility in the midfield.



  1. Liverpool can not bounce back with junior Team so Klopp need to spend wisely big coz in modern football football if U spend Big U can buy Trophies

  2. Well, yet another player I’ve never heard of but, let’s be honest, if you are Porto’s Player of the Year, which I think this guy was, you ain’t a bad player! Very few Mexicans have ever made the grade in England, which is a worry, but I wonder what position he’ll be expected to play IF he arrives? Anybody who ever reads my scribbles will know I’m keen for the club to get a top notch defensive midfielder . . . is this the guy?
    Will he cope, physically, with the demands of playing in England? it could be quite a culture shock for him the first time he’s kicked eight feet in the air or find he’s got to run twice as fast, and as far, as he’s ever run in his worst nightmares. Don’t know him so not got a clue . . .
    looking at some of the potential talent on the market it frightens me that Arsenal are after Sissoko from Newcastle! Big, powerful, fast and an up-and-down midfielder. Just the sort of player I’d go for . . . in a heartbeat! Sadly, Mr Klopp and i haven’t spoken about future purchases recently!

    • Herrera is definitely not a strong defensive midfielder, he is not really an option to anchor the Liverpool midfield. Herrera is more of a box-to-box midfielder. With Mexico, he actually plays at the top of the midfield in a 3-4-3 diamond formation. Not a true creative nor a defensive specialist, he fits somewhere in between. Nonetheless, he is Mexico’s best midfielder in many years, and dominated at Porto.


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