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Liverpool reportedly chasing £4m teenager

Wikimedia: Helen Bromley

According to the Daily Mail, Liverpool is looking to strengthen their squad by signing youngster Samuel Bastien from Anderlecht for £4m.

Samuel Bastien is currently on loan at Avellino, and he played in the Italian Serie B during the 2015/16 campaign, showing up on the pitch on thirty-one occasion, and scoring two goals along the way. Bastien’s primary position is as midfielder, and Klopp could be looking at signing him because the youngster could provide to be a good long-term option for Liverpool.

Reportedly, this is not the first time Bastien is being linked with Liverpool, because the Reds showed some interest in March, and this is just the sequel to the initially shown interest. The Nineteen-year-old player participated in his first Belgium U21 game this year, and despite not scoring any goals, he was quite impressive.

Maybe that is the main reason why Klopp wants to bring him, because Liverpool could use a good back-up player or two and there is no better way to bolster your squad than bringing in a national representative.



  1. Getting depressed now! Yet more interest in yet more kids when our first team wasn’t good enough last year and the clubs who finished markedly above us are almost certainly going to be spending £150m EACH to remain above us . . . and we seem intent on creating a kindergarten!
    Cannot imagine any of the teams who finished above us last year doing anything other than buying the best players from the Euros but, so far, we’ve seemingly lost out on Gotze and Zeilinski before turning our attention to an endless array of kids . . . who almost certainly won’t do any better for us this year than the failed kids we’ve bought in previous years.
    It’s always nice when you unearth a great young player, who can then be sold at a huge profit – with Rahim Sterling being a fine example of that – but at this moment our record in finding Rahim Sterlings is pretty abysmal.
    No, if we are going to make headway this coming year we need players of international quality who can make a difference NOW!!!! Otherwise, the gap between us and the big boys is gonna be eighteen points by Christmas.
    Higuaín or Isco would give us a bit of oomph NOW and might even show the big boys that, for once, LFC mean business! Apart from the outgoings we need to do – even smashing the knuckles of players who cling to the gates of Anfield, unwilling to leave – the need for top-notch incoming players is still seriously huge with a new LB needed (although I’d give Gomez a go, personally, as he was a superb young player until injured), another new CB of immense stature, preferably, a defensive midfielder of note and a striker who turns round when you mention the words “Gonzalo Higuaín” are all needed. We do NOT, NOT, NOT need more players just out of short trousers! Our priority must be to close the gap on the big boys and overtake them.


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