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Liverpool Striker Reportedly Heading to Watford in Summer Move

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According to skysports.com, Liverpool’s youngster, Jerome Sinclair, won’t be extending his spell at Liverpool once his contract expires. Instead, Sinclair is most likely going to chase some Premier League minutes in Watford. Although it’s a free transfer, Liverpool will still be compensated, because Sinclair is a home-grown player.

Although he could be sometimes seen sitting on the bench, Sinclair has made only one start since his introduction to the first team squad, and this is probably the main reason for his departure. He didn’t play much under Brendan Rodgers, and now, it seems that he doesn’t have any role in Klopp’s plans either.

However, at the age of 19, he is still young and has a good chance of becoming a regular Premier League player.

Although this is still an unconfirmed transfer rumour, it is quite possible that Watford is going to acquire this young lad, because that way Watford could add up to the rotation in their squad, and make their squad more competitive.



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