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Future Should Be Bright For Arsenal


Arsenal finished off the English Premier League season by defeating lowly Aston Villa 4-0 behind a hat trick from Olivier Giroud.  It was a fantastic way to finish the season as rival club Tottenham lost 5-1 to Newcastle, propelling Arsenal into a second place finish in the league.

By passing Tottenham in the standings today, Arsenal has finished ahead of Spurs in the league for the 21st consecutive year.  This season also marks the first time the Gunners have finished in the top 2 since all the way back in the 2004-2005 season.

Arsenal will look to build on this 2nd place finish next season, as they should have a realistic opportunity to win the league.  The key for Arsenal will be whether or not they can keep their star players, as well as whether or not they are able to make any major additions to the squad.

Arsenal will not suffer any major loses from expiring contracts this season, but they may lose some star players in the transfer market.  The Mirror has reported that Manchester City are planning to make major offers for both Jack Wilshere and Alexis Sanchez this summer.

Arsenal already has depth in their midfield, so they may be able to sell the oft-injured Wilshere, but if their goal is to win a title next season, then Alexis Sanchez needs to remain with the squad.  Sanchez scored 13 goals with 4 assists in the Premier League this season, and he scored an additional 3 goals with 5 assists in Champions League.

If Arsenal is able to keep all of their key contributors from this season, and if they are able to make a splash in the transfer window, then they should become a major title contender, if not the favorite, in the English Premier League next season.

This will be easier said then done of course, but Arsenal fans will be hopeful that Arsene Wenger and company will be able to properly manage the offseason to put Arsenal in a position to win next year.