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Mourinho reportedly told to wait much longer before taking Manchester United hotseat


According to The Sun, Manchester United bosses told Jose Mourinho to wait one year before he takes over at Manchester United. Per The Sun, Manchester United chief Ed Woodward does not want to cut Louis van Gaal loose 12 months prior to the end of his three-year contract.

Thus, as much as Manchester United fans would want to see Mourinho take charge at Old Trafford as soon as the end of the month, if this report is to be believed, fans will have to endure one more year of LvG’s amazing interviews.

Although The Sun is reporting that Mourinho has been asked to wait for a full year, there are certain aspect that need to be considered. If LvG fails to win the FA Cup and also misses out on earning a Champions League spot, do you really think Woodward would want 12 more months of that?

On the other hand, lets assume LvG takes Manchester United to a top 4 finish, and wins the FA Cup, there would be no real reason to fire him in a year, specially if it’s a good one, and even less likely that a highly sought after Manager as Mourinho would endure a year without managing a top team.

Thus, take this report with a gran of salt, might be true that Woodward wants to see LvG for the full three-year term, or we might see Mourinho at Old Trafford as soon as June.



  1. If the above report is true, LVG is going to be MU manager for 2017, good luck MU fans. Next, you have to protest is, to kick out Ed Woodward and his team in the MU Board. They are the culprit and destroying MU, if these guys cannot make a decision, then they should not be in the Board of directors, all these guys should be selling “BURGERS” at the Old Trafford entrance…..totally useless fuckos…

    • #Red devil : how can you say like that. You can bring 10 SAF or 20 Jose to Old Trafford but will still notging!!!! All first line up were injured. The worst season for MU!!!. When they were complete in the beginning of competitiom MU was top in the table.!!!!. So let LVG and his assistants manage MU next season with complete team. MU will be the no 1st again in the table and get 21st champion. Love you always MU….


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