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Spurs captain says after first meeting Pochettino, future was “very clear”


The past four years have seen some rocky times at White Hart Lane. Several players have come and gone and managers André Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood had tried, but were deemed unfit to lead Tottenham Hotspur FC long-term.

Despite the turmoil, perhaps the one thing about the club that could be relied upon was the consistent excellence of Hugo Lloris. And now, with Spurs second in the league and chasing hard for first, it is bewildering to think what might have been had wealthy suitors been able to take the star keeper away from his post in defense of Tottenham’s goal.

For his part, Lloris wasn’t sure what the future held until he met with new manager, Mauricio Pochettino.

“I had some concern and I questioned myself a bit two years ago, after AVB and Tim Sherwood were in charge,” he said according to ESPN FC. “I think the first meeting with Mauricio Pochettino was very clear for me, for my future.

I think I trusted him since the first second I met him, and because I really understand what he wants, fully agree about his football view.”

You would be forgiven if you took longer to develop the trust in Pochettino’s vision than the single second it took for Lloris, considering that 11 matches into the 2014/2015 season, Tottenham found themselves in 12th on the Premier League table.  But after witnessing the improvements the manager has made over the last two seasons, surely even the most steadfast of cynics ought to be convinced.

The manager has also helped bring about a change in the atmosphere of the club. For players with a strong desire to improve, the Spurs stopper noted that “he will do everything to satisfy them and to change them into top players… that’s why it’s very positive inside the changing room.”

That positivity is now paying off before our eyes. Though sitting five points adrift of leaders Leicester City leaves Tottenham with plenty of work to do, the belief is still there.

“You know I’m not a dreamer, but of course we want that things turn in our way, but you need to deserve [it]. For that, we need to win the last four games and hope that Leicester drop points.”

On current form, it certainly seems realistic that Tottenham can at least hold up on their end. Since losing to Leicester on January 13, Spurs have taken 32 of 39 available points. Unfortunately for Spurs, the Foxes have been nearly as strong, earning 30 points over that same stretch.

While Hugo Lloris’ first chat with Mauricio Pochettino helped him determine to remain with Tottenham for the foreseeable future, his focus now is much more narrow. “The only thing we can manage is the next game.”