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Carrick: This Young Manchester United Player “is here to stay”

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Manchester United’s captain Michael Carrick says that Marcus Rashford is here to stay at the highest level of football, via ManUtd.com.

The comment from the United captain came after the 18-year old played a vital role in United’s 2-1 win over West Ham United in the FA Cup quarterfinals. The Englishman scored the first goal – a clinical finish into the top corner – to open up the scoring. United will face Everton next in the semifinals at Wembley Stadium.

Ever since he debuted against FC Midtjylland back in February, Rashford hasn’t looked back. He’s been a bright spot for Manchester United fan’s on what for many of them has been a disappointing season.

“It’s so good to see young lads come in and do well and take their chances,” Carrick said. “Not in his wildest dreams could he have predicted what’s happened to him in the last two or three months and he has kept his feet on the ground.

“He doesn’t change and he works hard, listens and is willing to learn. He has a great chance of staying at the top for a long time. I don’t think he’s a flash in the pan. I don’t think he’s in and out. I think he is here to stay and goals like that (at West Ham) – we will welcome more of them.”

However some believe that Rashford has been playing too much and it could be causing a negative result. Reports of manager Louis Van Gaal overworking Rashford were reported by Bleacher Reports Sam Tighe. He believes that Van Gaal is mismanaging Rashford and has been overplaying him.

Rashford has played 11 consecutive games, and has scored six goals. Which make’s it’s confusing why Van Gaal chewed out the teenager during halftime against Tottenham earlier in the week. That situation didn’t sit well with the rest of the United squad and they made that clear to Van Gaal.

If Rashford wants to stay at the top level and become a legend at Manchester United, then I do believe that he needs to be eased into it. Brendan Rodgers, when he had a young Raheem Sterling, took it very slowly with the English winger and look where he is now. I also believe if Rashford wants to become one of the greats, Louis Van Gaal isn’t going to take him there.

Do you believe Van Gaal is mismanaging Rashford?