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Chelsea’s Hiddink on unexpected Starting XI choice: “he is doing his job as a professional”

Flickr - Ben Sutherland

One of the surprises in Saturday’s match against Swansea was Asmir Begovic making a start ahead of Thibaut Courtois. When asked the reason for this, The Dutchman replied,” …being a good goalie, which he has already proven in many Premier League games, (he) is doing his job as a professional very well in training to keep himself in shape.”

Begovic made his first start for Chelsea since January. He looked confident on the goal line but showed signs of nervousness as the game progressed. However, he was successful in restricting Swansea’s side to one goal, while Chelsea’s defence was struggling. Despite conceding an early goal, Begovic was firm in his gloves and proved why he is capable enough to be the heart of Chelsea’s defence.

With Thibaut Courtois still unsure over his future, Chelsea sees Begovic as a potential replacement for him. Hiddink stated that he has no doubt in Begovic’s professionalism and commitment, which he has seen in training. His training commitments won him the game time which he fairly deserved.



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